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Laurie is a licensed Real Estate Professional in the State of Arizona and the Province of Alberta. As a dual citizen and as a dual resident, he is able to market Calgary Area Real Estate in Alberta and Phoenix Area Real Estate in Arizona. Laurie has assembled a business partner support network including colleague agents, lenders, Title companies, contractors, tradespeople, suppliers, insurance companies, inspectors and many more in Phoenix as a part of The Lavine Team.


Carol Lavine is a licensed Real Estate Professional in the Province of Alberta. She is the driving force of an extensive partner network including  colleague agents, lawyers, inspectors, contractors and more to assist you. So between Laurie's team in Phoenix and Carol's team in Calgary, they have you professionally represented at both ends of The Alberta to Phoenix Connection.


Alberta can have some nice weather in the spring, summer and early fall. It can also have some cooler and rainy days in these months as well. And we all know what winter can be like and is like. Laurie and Carol endured dozens of years of bitter cold winters.....Laurie in Winnipeg until 1990 and then in Calgary....Carol in Northern Alberta and then in Calgary.

Phoenix on the other hand, has some very hot weather from June through September.... but from October through May, the weather is fantastic. People from cold places all over the continent flock to Arizona for great weather and lifestyle.


So many Canadians have purchased vacation homes in the Phoenix area with the desire to be annual winter snowbirds in Arizona from late October through April once they retire. Some can pay cash, others cash in on Canadian home equity to pay cash while others will finance with an American lender. 25% downpayment is typically required. And in times particularly when the Canadian dollar is lower than the 30 year historical average of 78 cents USD, many cash buyers will finance so that they only have to exchange 25% down payment in order to purchase. If and when the Canadian dollar goes up higher, the loan can be paid off in full without prepayment penalty.


The cost of living is so much lower in Arizona than it is in Alberta. You have to eat somewhere, put gas in a vehicle, buy clothing and other necessities too. Golf is cheap while other sports and entertainment is a fraction of what you would pay back home too. So even with the difference in currency exchange, it still works out to be a less expensive cost of living in Arizona. Real Estate in Phoenix costs less than half even with factoring in the currency exchange. Why endure year after year of cold winter and pay more to live?


Exchanging your dollars with a currency exchange company can benefit you because banks typically charge higher fees resulting in a lower rate than what a currency exchange company can do for you. Many of Laurie's clients do this as part of a good strategy to enjoy life affordably. For searching homes in Phoenix, viewing videos and reading dozens of articles about the buying and selling process for Canadians, please click on the links below:




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